[folk] Old Seed + altri

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Concerto ore 21.30

OLD SEED  (folk singer from USA)


oldseed is the solo songwriting efforts of one craig bjerring. originally from canada, oldseed’s extensive touring has dragged him all over the “affluent north”. primarily playing europe due to the relative ease of travel and coolness of the people, oldseed currently makes germany his homebase.

oldseed’s first s/t record was released in 2004. he continues to hand stamp copies of this badboy and sells them off the stage.

the second record; when you laugh the world laughs with you when you cry you cry alone, was released in 2005 with a little more industry fervour (read, craig paid money to a publicist to convince “important” people to listen to the record). the record charted and people said it was really great. that’s nice.

oldseed was then offered a job as a social worker in the small german town where he lived until 2010 when he moved to kassel and opened a bar.

he released a 10” vinyl only record; simple tales of morality in 2007.

he quit his job to go back to full time touring in 2008.

second 10” vinyl only record; the terror released sept. 2009.
toured all over europe (sweden, denmark, finland, estonia, latvia, lithuania, poland, germany, holland, belgium, france, spain, italy, switzerland, austria, serbia, croatia, czech rep., slovenia, macedonia, kosovo, bulgaria, hungary, greece, turkey)

oldseed released third 10” vinyl only record; the reveal nov. 2010.
he toured canada and europe with well over 100 shows selling out his first run of the record.

oldseed’s latest release, saving throw verses was released january 2012. so far, his touring schedule has been a little less hectic due to his bar commitments, but he has managed to play 40-50 shows this year including tours with scott kelly (neurosis) and vierkanttretlager.

“He’s built a name for himself with the type of hang-on-every-word live performance that makes people take notice” a. augustine – uptown winnipeg